Domestic Violence

Our firm will provide you and your case with the experience, expertise, and time needed to restore your freedom.

Over the years, we here at BDS Attorneys have developed a reputation for offering our clients forceful defense against the legal system. We also put our best foot forward when defending are accused falsely. Our legal team is on your side and we will ensure that your freedom secured and that your rights are protected.

Unfortunately, friends, family, and other close people will turn their backs on you if you are accused of domestic violence – whether you are innocent or not. Luckily, BDS Attorneys has an extensive experience in the field, and we have helped defendants that face DV charges. Furthermore, we are familiar with most of the judges, prosecutors, and courtroom staff across California.

if you are facing domestic violence charges, you will need to hire a skillful defense lawyer like BDS Attorneys to represent you in court. Doing so helps to defend your case and lessen the possible penalties in the future. In most cases, DV penalties can even result in a loss of job, huge fines, a long jail and prison time, as well as a negative impact on your future.

If you are being investigated or have been arrested for Domestic Violence in California, you don’t have to try fighting with the police or resisting an arrest. What you need to do is hire a qualified Criminal Defense Attorney. At BDS Attorneys, we are always available when any of our clients need our legal help. We will advise you on how to handle the arrest and prevent any further charges.

We understand that a DV sentence can never be reversed. For that reason, we are here to help you avoid such sentences and retain your reputation. If we can prove you are innocent, it will be our duty to make sure that the accuser doesn’t get away with the false allegations.

BDS Attorneys is made up of caring, professional, and experienced lawyers in the field. We will handle your Domestic Violence Charges appropriately and with the quickest approach possible.