Criminal Defense

Our firm will provide you and your case with the experience, expertise, and time needed to restore your freedom.

BDS Attorneys Will Defend Your Rights

So are you facing any criminal defense charges? Regardless of what happened in the event, you still have rights that must be defended. BDS Attorneys will be at your side when you are arrested. Even before you make any statement or answer a question when arrested, our lawyers will ensure your rights are respected.

At every step of any criminal justice process, you have rights as a citizen. Under the California Laws. Here are some of the rights of a convicted felon;

• The right to remain silent {You can be quiet if you don’t want to answer a question}

• Right to speak to a lawyer privately {even if you can’t afford one}

• Right against undue bail

• Right against irrational seizures and searchers

• Right to humane treatment

• Right to be told if and why you are being arrested for any charges against you

• Right to due law process before you are deprived of liberty, property, or life.

You don’t have to worry if you don’t understand any of the rights listed. It is our job to not only explain them to you but also ensure that all of them are defended.

There are lots of rights that continue all along the criminal justice process. Even when you are arraigned in court, you still have rights. For instance, you have the right to confront witnesses against you as well as a quick and public jury trial. As long as you are innocent {even if you are not}, our aim is to defend you in court. We will either reduce the sentence {if you are guilty} or make it go away {if you are innocent}

With an experienced attorney, you can always be sure of a stable support in the courtroom. BDS Attorneys is the right firm to represent you in court if you are facing any criminal defense charges. We will walk with you from when you are arrested or when the investigation starts, to when the case is over.