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At the law firm of Bracken, Davis & Sajeevan, we build relationships with our clients. We treat you as friends and associates instead of customers, because we respect you and sincerely want to help you solve your legal problems.

If you need help with a probate issue, we can assist you. We can help you with every stage of the process, starting with preparing a will or trust while you are doing your estate planning. Then we can help administer your estate when the time comes for it to go through probate court.

Wills and Trusts

It is never too early to organize your affairs and make your plans for your estate. The earlier you do it, the less pressure you will have later to deal with the issues. You can always make changes, but you will a sense of ease and comfort when you know that you have done most of the necessary tasks.

At Bracken, Davis & Sajeevan, we can assist you in preparing a will. Most people think of a will as the main tool used to divide up an estate, but people are learning of the value of trusts.

We can help you to establish trusts for some of your assets. Not only will this help you to save money by avoiding estate taxes, you can keep some of your estate from being tied up in probate court so that your loved ones can be taken care of immediately.

Probate Court

The court supervises the process of dividing up people’s estates after they die, whether or not they left a will. We can assist with this process when the time becomes necessary, to take the burden off your heirs and to make the process smoother.

There are several steps that must be taken to tie up an estate. We will do this as quickly and efficiently as possible to make the situation easier for your loved ones.

Contested Issues

As litigators, we at Bracken, Davis & Sajeevan realize that sometimes people will contest a will or disagree with the terms. We are comfortable with defending your decisions in contested hearings. The main goal of helping you with your probate issues is to see that your wishes are carried out.

If you would like to discuss your estate planning options, you can call Bracken, Davis & Sajeevan for a free consultation today.

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