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Intellectual property law attempts to protect products which aren’t tangible. Sometimes the products are art or writing, and they can be symbols or images. Intellectual property deserves as much protection as other kinds of property, but it is more difficult to protect because of its nature.

Copyright and Trademark

Copyright lawyers may help you at two different times of the process. They can help when you first have a new idea and you want to be proactive and make sure it is protected. You are more likely to be seeking help from a copyright attorney when you believe that someone has unfairly used something of yours which you believe was protected by copyright.

You are more likely to engage a trademark lawyer at the beginning of the process. They can help you search to make sure that your trademark is in fact unique, and they will help you to register your trademark. If someone uses your trademark unfairly, you may end up needing them to litigate so that you can seek damages.

At Bracken, Davis & Sajeevan, we believe it is better to call us sooner than later so that you can save the time, energy and trouble. Some damages cannot be undone when people have used your intellectual property unfairly.

Contract law

It is possible to transfer the ownership of intellectual property from one person to another. At Bracken, Davis & Sajeevan, we can assist you if you are on the giving or receiving end of such a contract. Because intellectual property is not tangible, you will want to use clear language to protect your rights in this kind of exchange.

When you assign intellectual property to someone else, you assign all uses of it. This kind of arrangement can never be simply verbal, even if there are witnesses. A formal agreement in writing is mandatory.

Your intellectual property rights are important and you want to protect them. Don’t hesitate to call Bracken, Davis & Sajeevan if you are dealing with any intellectual property issues.

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